Financial & Commercial Strategy Validation Financing, Valuation & Exit Strategy

Financial Readiness Package

€1900/1 Month Service

  • Advanced Financial Plan
  • Market Feasibility
  • Valuation (in excel)
  • Unlimited Online Consulting & Document Reviews
  • Choice of 1 Document with consulting (Pitch Deck - Business Plan - Valuation Report - Financial Analysis - Executive Summary - Investment Teaser)
  • Optional: 5% Success Fee for 1 month investors' approach

CFO Package

€5400/3 Months Service

  • Advanced Financial Plan
  • All 5 Feasibility Analyses & Monitoring (Market/ Business Model/ Growth/ Operations/ Financial Feasibility)
  • Unlimited Online Consulting & Document Reviews
  • Choice of 2 Documents with consulting (Pitch Deck - Business Plan - Valuation Report - Financial Analysis - Executive Summary - Investment Teaser)
  • Selection & Approach of 10 Investors
  • Dataroom/ Due diligence and Negotiation support

Certified Valuation Analyst
11 years of experience in Valuation and M&A
Specialised in tech startups, fast-growing companies and global high-risk investments

4 years of Global Projects

Valithea's global projects
Why Valithea?


  • Certified valuation work

    Valuations are certified by a trained CVA using only case-specific methods that are defensible in negotiations. Valuation techniques and processes were developed specifically for the early stages and new industries. Likewise, our advanced financial projections allow risky and high-growth businesses to develop realistic financials and stage-specific valuations. We are always available to support you during negotiations.

  • Clear & beautiful Documents

    All work is fit for purpose, stage, budget, type of transaction and for the target audience, with beautiful graphics and user-friendly (even if advanced) financials to ensure maximum usability and easier communication with the target audience. We know which methods and document types are needed in each circumstance. Our strategy documents include clear information and guidance.

  • Buy Safely Online

    Valithea offers expertise on-demand and the ability to start the next day after the service is approved and paid. Except for projects that require on-site due diligence, we deliver services online. Valithea offers detailed online contracts, flat and transparent fees. Unlimited consulting and reviews are available for a pre-determined time (e.g. one month, extendable for a fee), making it easier to plan costs and time. You select your level of service and only pay for what you need. We only take on 2 projects at a time, so during the length of the project, we focus specifically on your needs.

  • Goal-Oriented Solutions & Teamwork

    Valithea is highly specialised in startups, growing SMEs and with know-how in both traditional and high-tech sectors. We learn from our clients, and take the time to guide you and discuss all your ideas and questions. All our documents have been strategically developed to fit the fundraising process and exit transactions, so that you can validate your business model, growth and financing or strategy with our help. We set realistic goals together and track them over time: meeting these goals is challenging and involves teamwork.

Excellent understanding of our business and thorough in her financial modeling. The financial modeling exercise was quite in-depth covering all key scenarios in a very friendly and usable format. Olivia was available for calls frequently and provided good insights to the business model. Definitely will seek help again and longer-term engagement.

Nikhil, Singapore

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