Transparency in Tech Finance

Valithea is an online financial & valuation consultancy that helps innovative SMEs and serial entrepreneurs understand and optimise early-stage transactions, use a structured approach for growth and to maximise value.

We specialise in early-stage valuations, monitor market trends and global innovations, which we use to guide our clients in the long-term during financial transactions and investments decisions.

Information brings power during negotiations, gives you the chance to prepare in advance and capitalise on the strengths of your business.

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Olivia Passoni, CVA

Global Projects

Valithea's global projects
Why Valithea?


  • Certified valuation work

    Valuations are certified by a trained CVA using only case-specific methods that are defendable in negotiations. Valuation techniques and processes were developed specifically for the early stages and new industries. Likewise, our financial projections allow risky and high-growth businesses to develop realistic financials.

  • User-friendly & Goal-Oriented Work

    All work is fit for purpose, stage, budget, type of transaction and for the target audience, with beautiful graphics and user-friendly (even if advanced) financials to ensure maximum usability and easier communication with the target audience.

  • Immediate Project Start & Easy Implementation

    Valithea offers expertise on-demand and the ability to start the next day after the service is approved and paid. Except for projects that require on-site due diligence, we deliver services online. Valithea offers detailed online contracts, flat and transparent fees. Unlimited consulting and reviews are available for a pre-determined time (e.g. one month, extandable for a fee), making it easier to plan costs and time.

  • Global network & Know-how

    Valithea is highly specialised in startups, early-stage projects and investment trends in high-growth businesses. We possess geopolitical knowledge to adapt our techniques and carry out research in any market. Being location-independent, we can quickly carry out projects on-site, carry out feasibility studies and expand the global network.


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12 weeks investment readiness, financials & valuation training, investment process coaching and templates. Plus Feedback & reviews.

For current or prospective entrepreneurs, and future investors

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Advanced financial plans, valuation, investor-ready documents, capital raising support, value planning and exit preparation