12. January 2020

Valithea Method – Early-stage Value Calculator

Valithea Method - Early-stage Value Calculator Valithea Advisory


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You will then be able to view a valuation estimate for your company when all questions have been answered.


The Valithea Method™ is a rule of thumb valuation method that can be used for a variety of different companies but especially for ealy-stage startups. It is an experimental method and provides and estimate of value through a multiple choice questionnaire by approximating some market trends and takes into account the most important value drivers of a startup valuation combined into one calculation.

It can be used for a quick assessment and comparison purposes and to have an initial idea of a company value, but it cannot be relied upon as the sole valuation method. It is only reliable when truthful inputs are used.

The method will be dynamically updated over time to take into consideration new market trends. One of the main advantages of this method is that diminishes the bias of inputs by founders and does not require extensive research. The report will allow you explain the estimate value to third parties.