17. January 2021



These documents do not include revisions or calls


The Fast-Track Investor-Ready Documents were specifically developed for early-stage startups. We have set up a n information collection system, wehere you can insert all you information about your strategy, revenue model, target market. After entering all the data in our system, we will clean up and validate all information, and you will receive the ready document: a financial plan, business plan, executive summary or pitch deck. You can then edit the documents according to your own wishes, or hire us for professional changes.






The Fast-Track Valuation Estimate will provide you with a 2-pages pdf with your estimate startup valuation, based on transaction research and stage-specific valuation methods. We will not apply a DCF for the fast-track valuation, but you can submit it together with other information through our information submission system. We highly recommend using one of our fast-track financial plan or financial plan template.