18. March 2019

Information Request List


When starting a new project, it is important to know some information about your company and situation: that way we can give the appropriate recommendations on what you need and also what you don’t need.

Important pieces of information are:

  • The business purpose of your company
  • The situation you find yourself in (fundraising, exit, upcoming investor meeting, partner buy-out, etc.) and your goals or expectations
  • The amount of money sought if it is a fundraising round
  • The stage of the company
  • The type of work you envisioned and the deadline (hard or soft deadline)

If you want to send some information before our first call, you can use the submission form below.


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Below is an overview of typical information requested for different types of services


We also have detailed information questionnaires for specific documents, which can be submitted online (optional):


Financial Plan

  • Your company/group address and incorporation details
  • Financial statements for the past 5 years (for growth-stage companies)
  • Management accounts for the past year (for growth-stage companies)
  • Draft financial plan (optional)
  • Existing timeline for strategy deployment (if any)
  • Preliminary expansion plans
  • Presentation about the company’s products or clear website offering (link)
  • Type of customers targeted
  • Names of competitors
  • Relevant market information & trends (industry publications the company subscribes to, if any)
  • Stage of company and market/ product validation
  • Marketing or sales plan
  • Prices of products
  • Details of production or supply agreements (e.g. prices agreed and pre-payments)
  • Expected costs
  • List, amounts and details of current contracts with customers and suppliers
  • Hiring or personnel plan, estimated salaries per employee or position
  • Development costs (software or other investments)
  • Financing agreements (if any)
  • Any past financing received
  • Estimated investment sought and/or debt refinancing plans (if any)
  • Any legal proceeding, restructuring or other special situation affecting the company
  • Type of financial scenarios needed (if any)
  • Your company brand colour palette

Valuation Report

  • Company register extract (with Shareholders’ Split and group structure if relevant)
  • Exit strategy
  • Type of financing sought (if any)
  • Financing or acquisitions transaction details or prospective agreements (if any)
  • Relevant fundraising transactions or acquisitions of similar companies
  • Synergies identified with an investor (if any)

Business Plan

  • Audience and details of negotiations so far
  • Company register extract (with Shareholders’ Split and group structure if relevant)
  • Presentation about the company’s products or clear website
  • Relevant market information & trends (industry publications the company subscribes to if any)
  • Names of competitors
  • List of past customers or references
  • List of current customers or numbers & type
  • List of business partnerships
  • CVs or complete LinkedIn profiles of management team, (including how you know each other and why you decided to start the venture)
  • Technical description of product and image(s), features and future development
  • Marketing & sales goals
  • Product launch strategy
  • Details of relevant internal processes (product delivery or internal company process, when relevant)
  • 10 stock images of your company
  • Your logo
  • Your company brand colour palette

Document Update

  • Last version of document (if changed since last submission)
    List of changes to apply to the document
  • Past monthly data on customers, revenue and costs


It is also important for you to know information about how Valithea works:

  • With experience in Valuation and M&A across different geographies, sectors and stages, we can prepare professional financial plan and valuation adapted to different situation, sectors and audiences.
  • We do not make investor introductions, we only have a service to include investment opportunities in our newsletter, which is sent out to professionals, including also investors. Any contact request will flow directly to you with your provided link.
  • We are available in the long-term, which means that you can get in contact when you want for updates. Most of our clients come back for years for document updates, until they can afford a full-time CFO or until they are no longer involved in frequent transactions.
  • Our financial plans can be sophisticated, but we are happy to train you or your staff to use them when you want to continue the work internally
  • Our portfolio is easily accessible to view how the documents look like and how they are structured
  • To have a better idea of what type of services or documents you might want, you can have a look at our usual services list
  • You can buy online or request an invoice (we have more available discounts online)
  • We have set processes and timelines, starting the project the day after payment is completed and reserving 15 hours a week for every project, with the possibility to pay extra for shorter deadlines, also detailed in our Terms of Service. Hours can also be tracked online. Refunds are possible for unused hours.
  • We are not typically available for same-day deadlines or requests and we respond to requests in 1 working day. Since we do work that requires detail and high concentration, we prioritise this to frequent communication. You can schedule a call the day before on Calendly: here you can also view any pre-existing holiday.
  • However, we also offer 24/7 service or short deadlines as a premium service, for example for important investor meetings. Any additional service is charged automatically, but only when specifically requested by the client.