16. July 2022

Investment Article Terms & Conditions

All new financial plan clients will receive a free PRESS RELEASE ARTICLE, also to be published in our blog and to our investors email list.

The article helps raise awareness to your fundraising campaign, provides a neutral view of the investment opportunity and can have exposure to investors reading the blog or newsletter.

The article will be written by us, according to the following characteristics, but it can also include your pitch deck at the end (with a note specifying that it was produced by you):

  • The article or press release will have a professional tone and present the company’s strengths with neutrality, avoiding any untruthful statements
  • It will present market trends and solutions avoiding any politics, ideology or personal opinions that are not part of a professional financial opinion
  • It will be between 500 and 2,500 words
  • The article will illustrate very similar topics presented in the pitch deck: the market trends, the initiative of the team to find a solution, the long-term market view and funding trends
  • The article may only be published on our website

The process for writing the blog is:

  1. You can express your wish to receive the free article service within 3 months of the financial plan delivery. After working on financial planning with you, we will likely already have enough information gathered to present your business, but you can also submit your final pitch deck and any other information (such as a link to your crowdfunding campaign) that you want to include, all together in one email, within this period of time. We will take into consideration only one email, as any later changes or updates of the pitch deck are extra services that may take us extra time; any financial consulting or document updates are also extra services that are not part of the article writing service. The pitch deck should not include financials or a valuation that are unrealistic or completely different from those planned.
  2. We will write and submit to you the draft article in a week from information submission.
  3. You can review the article and submit back only 1 set of changes within 1 week from submission (if you wish). Any further changes are possible, but will need to charged exclusively as part of an hourly consulting package.
  4. After this, the article will be published and will remain in our blog for 1 year (since it can take time to be picked up by search engines and to reward the time taken to write the blog). Even if the crowdfunding campaign has ended, it still provides exposure for your next fundraising campaign. After this period, the founder can request to have it removed any time, also by just using the GDPR data deletion form, or it may be removed by us in case the market information has changed to make it no longer relevant.
  5. The blog post will be included in one of our future newsletters, which will also include an investor audience. The timing of the newsletters may vary.