2. December 2020


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Foundation Strategy
Funding Decision
Strategy for Funding

Financial Plan

Strategy Basis
Market Sizing
Customer Acquisition Costs
Revenue Projections: Sale of Products and Services
Revenue Projections: Subscription Fees and monthly charges
Revenue Projections: Transaction, Licence and Advertising Fees


Who can value you company
The Valuation Process
The Information Base
AT, DE, IT Valuation Standards
Valuation Reports
The Use of Business Valuation Calculators
Startup vs Classic Valuation
Basic Startup Value
Valuation Estimate without a financial plan
Seed Stage Valuation Methods
Startup Exit Value
Valithea Method ™ – Early-stage Value Calculator


EU Investments
Is Startup funding right for you?
Types of Early-stage Investments
Funding by Stage
Funding Options
Funding Documents

Thought Leadership

Narrative and Numbers in Valuation
How much should Venture Capital contribute to a company’s success?
What is Value?