12. December 2019



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Do you want to prepare the documents yourself?



The valuation and reports are add-ons to the financial plan




Investor-ready Financial Plan & a variety of scenario and add-on options

Complex Financial Plan with multiple business lines or Real Estate
+ Financial Plan Add-ons and Consulting Options
+ Financial Analysis/ Pitch Deck/ Business Plan with a variety of add-on feasibility analyses & others
+ Valuation of company & IP + Report
+ Add-on valuation on one additional asset
+ Valuation Report (Calculation Engagement)

Also available on request:
+ 409a
+ Valuation Engagement Report






The hourly packages are recommended to clients who wish to perform custom work, such as ongoing fund model work, screening of targets, investors or markets. The hours can be used anytime and do not expire.
Instead of purchasing hourly packages, you also have the option to pay hourly on our other freelancing websites for a slightly higher rate. You can also use the hourly packages to create an investor-ready document or to transform our standard financial pitch into one of these documents:

  • Pitch Deck
  • Business Plan
  • Information Memorandum
  • Executive Summary
  • Investment Teaser
  • Investment Proposal


The complete feasibility analyses serve as a Due Diligence

PREMIUM CONSULTING SERVICES Valithea AdvisoryAll feasibility analyses are aimed at providing a neutral and unbiased opinion as much as possible. The documents carry the Valithea Stamp of Approval and complement the financial plan, as well as providing actionable strategic insights and facilitating the fundraising process.
They can also be used as a more technical substitute to the business plan, used for internal planning (different spreadsheets and tools are provided for internal planning), or as a complementary part of it. They can be purchased by investors as part of the due diligence process.





  • Foundation Strategy
  • Market Feasibility
  • Competition Analysis
  • Validation Analysis
  • Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Business Model Feasibility
  • Crisis Resilience Strategy
  • Growth Strategy
  • New Market Selection & Entry
  • Operational Analysis
  • Financials Analysis
  • Financing & Investment Readiness
  • Fundraising Strategy
  • Impact Investment & Sustainability Analysis
  • Economic Analysis
  • Expansion Strategy
  • Exit Strategy
  • + Information Basis Analysis included

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& 1 additional Week of unlimited consulting & Updates included IN FLAT FEE

Each service has a set delivery date. You can choose an earlier delivery for an extra hour paid per day.

Additionally, you can opt out of consulting & reviews and receive a substantial discount.

All requests are answered between 1-2 working days (but <24 hours services are not available by default).


After choosing the services you need, we’ll send you the appropriate web shop links to buy the services online.

You can agree to our T&Cs that include a Confidentiality Clause from us. You can also request an invoice instead that is also subject to our T&C. Alternatively, you can have a custom contract for an extra fee.

All fees are payable in advance, while a later payment with escrow can also be arranged for an additional 15% fee.

Additional discounts are available:

  • for repeat customers on our web shop who leave a review (coupon only usable in the web shop)
  • a 2% discount for bank transfers is available in our webshop only
  • the more hours you buy in a single transaction, the higher the discount


These services all include extensive consulting: because we have carried out similar projects for many clients, we have a fixed flat fee for all.

However, a variety of add-ons are available to customise the service, such as additional analyses in the financial plan, add-on pages, tutorials and professional graphics for presentations.

Projects with flat fees are not easily customisable. With most long-term clients that need a high customisation, we work with hourly fees.

Additionally, reports can be produced in German or Italian under request for an extra fee.