Calculation Engagement Report (Valuation Report)


Calculation Engagement Report (Valuation Report)

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Project Start (with today’s order and payment): 22.01.2020
First Draft Delivery: 28.01.2020
Consulting & Reviews until: 11.02.2020

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FEATURES: The valuation report or Calculation Engagement Report will also include a Financial Analysis and is delivered only in pdf. The deliverable will be a 20-25 pages long independent and professional report on the company, financials, transaction and valuation, formatted and with analysis suitable for investors. The report already includes 2 Weeks of reviews & consulting.

Calculation Engagement Report (Valuation Report) Valithea Advisory

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INFORMATION Request: a list of typical information requested is included here

DELIVERY: 6 days for first-draft delivery from the submission of information, and after the preparation of the financial plan and valuation, estimated for 28.01.2020. Reviews & Consulting for 2 Weeks from the First Draft Delivery date until 11.02.2020


Calculation Engagement Report (Valuation Report) Valithea Advisory


For US Companies that are required to comply with IRS 409a regulations. A 409A is an independent appraisal of the fair market value of a private company’s common stock, or the stock reserved for founders and employees. This is required for private companies that wish to issue equity and stock options, unless the company can submit a valuation deemed ‘reasonable’ by the IRS.

The 409a Appraisal Report will include all the sections present in the Calculation Engagement Report, in addition to details related to the engagement, my qualifications (including NACVA), the theory behind the valuation methods used and information related to the allocation of shares.

This will be a Certified Report.


Please get in contact to purchase the report. No pre-financing discount is available for this product.

Calculation Engagement Report (Valuation Report) Valithea Advisory


For high-level transactions, ownership issues and formal acquisitions, or simply when you require a highly detailed valuation for negotiations, you can purchase a Valuation Engagement. It is displayed here for reference, but please get in contact for additional information so that we can analyse the circumstances, as a separate online contract will accompany the engagement in any case. Additional information about the type of valuation reports available can be found here. The valuation will include, in addition to all the financial plan and valuation options displayed above, the following:

  • A detailed beta calculation with raw data and statistical reliability
  • A detailed discount rate calculation on a yearly basis
  • A detailed debt analysis and separate discounting
  • The analysis of all financial statement positions
  • Additional document requests
  • A more detailed market analysis
  • The analysis of tax matters
  • A detailed calculation of the terminal value
  • An extended market approach valuation
  • The display of different income methods options
  • The use of a 3rd valuation method
  • The adjustment of the financials and valuation for the specific transaction
  • The more detailed calculation of synergies (if relevant)
  • The use of locally accepted and prevalent valuation methods
  • A report of 40-50 pages with valuation theory explanations


Please get in contact to purchase the report. No pre-financing discount is available for this product.


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