Financial Due Diligence


Commercial and Financial Due Diligence for a company not older than 3 years (since incorporation).

Project Start: 20.12.2018
First Draft Delivery: 17 Working Days from the submission of information, estimated for 06.01.2019
Reviews & Consulting: 1.5 months until 03.02.2019

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Advanced Due Diligence

Due Diligence add-on for a company between 3 and 10 years of operations, including on-site review of target company.
To be purchased at least 7 Working Days days before the start of the on-site Due Diligence.
Delivery: 25 Days from the date of purchase

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A Commercial and Financial Due Diligence can be carried out for an investor (for financing or acquisition purposes). The target company should be not older than 3 years (since incorporation) or have more than €1m in revenue. The analysis covers:
* Shareholding agreement, general legal setup and litigation risk (general, this is not a legal dd)
* Contracts and eventual leasing agreements
* Operational plan
* Administrative tools
* Product development and identifiable risks
* IP
* Market and international risk
* Barriers to entry
* Competition
* Preliminary traction
* Market validation
* Partnerships
* Suppliers
* Marketing strategy
* Funds available
* Financial plan and Budgeting
* Team (commitment, experience, functions covered, company culture)
* Information basis (completeness and missing information)
* Investment risks
* Business risks
* Milestones
* Control systems (financial, commercial, strategy)
Tax or Legal matters require a separate tax or legal due diligence.

The information request list will be submitted after purchase. Availability for an initial and final call to review the findings sought.

Target: Investors

Estimated Delivery: 17 Days from the submission of information and the initial call.

Reviews and Consulting Period: 1.5 months from the Day of Purchase.