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This service is perfect for seed stage startups and new projects and for including a financial plan in pitch decks and short documents to investors, when no in-depth consulting and strategy adjustment is required.

Receive an advanced financial plan, perfect for seed stage startups and new projects. All the benefits and features of this financial plan can be found here:

How it works:

After purchasing, you can book a call at your preferred time here.

We will have a 1.5 hour session via online webinar (no video required) where you will tell me about your business. You will give me all relevant information during the call. We will work on some figures on the financial plan via screen-sharing.

After that I will adjust and model the figures of the financial plan, do some preliminary research and send you the final file within 2 days. The financial plan will have a locked structure to protect the user from breaking certain links: the Tabs or the Structure of the spreadsheet will be locked, but most of the spreadsheet is fully editable and user-friendly, with an assumptions page that you can change anytime.

The preparation of the fast-track financial plan and other fast-track documents do NOT include revisions or consulting. Information submitted outside of the call cannot be processed: if you have a lot of complex information to process, please select the Advanced Financial Plan with unlimited reviews and consulting instead.

Additional options:

  • If you want to submit your initial figures and company details before, you can do so here: . If you choose this option, do this at least 2 days before the call: this gives me the chance to research your market, validate your figures before the call. The result is more precise financials and market penetration figures. Information submitted after the call cannot be processed.
  • You can choose to have the structure of the financial plan unlocked and your financial plan cleaned up, so that you will not have too many confusing variables to use, and you’ll be able to update the figures more easily and independently.
  • You can have a professional Valuation added to the excel file.
  • You can add a pitch deck of max. 15 slides. For the pitch deck, please submit your information here.


  • You can have the document(s) reviewed and updated professionally here
  • You can ask a question related to the financial plan, how to update it independently, or receive written consulting about fundraising and valuation here
  • You can buy 1 month of the above unlimited email consulting support here


You can find examples of the documents in our Portfolio.

I look forward to working with you!

DELIVERY: 2 days from the webinar call, estimated for 27.02.2020.

If you purchase multiple documents or add-ons, each document and add-on adds 2 days to the final delivery.


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