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Consulting or revisions not includes, but they can be purchased extra.


Project Start (with today’s order and payment): 01.07.2022

First Draft Delivery: 03.07.2022

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Consulting & Revisions Services

20-30% cheaper: only when purchased with your fast-track order.


This document involves the submission of information through our web form only. It is delivered without consulting calls or revisions, only 1 version. Revisions and consulting can be purchased separately.


Does not include a financial plan

This type of valuation is suitable for any company: startups, small exit transactions of micro-businesses, small rounds of funding or investor-led valuations with very little data on the underlying company.

For advanced analyses and unique type of companies, please purchase our standard financial planning and valuation services.

The estimate will be carried out using 1-3 suitable methods, without any financial projections, but including expert research on transactions (adapted Gordon growth model, Cost method, adapted Market Method, adapted Rule of Thumbs method for startups of growth-stage company).

The Deliverable will be a 4-pages pdf presentation report with the company’s potential and resulting valuation estimate. The short report will have our company’s logo. The report is not a Calculation Engagement or Valuation Engagement, only an internal presentation on the estimation of value. The underlying calculations will not be submitted.

INFORMATION Request: The project will start after the information has been submitted through our online form only. Submit all your information here. Any information delivered the day after the start of project will not be accounted for.

Information to be collected and submitted to us before the start of the project (when available, the valuation estimate will be carried out regardless, based on the information available):

  • Past Financials
  • Financial Projections (if any)
  • Business Plan or Company Presentation
  • Company Website
  • Business/revenue model and customers targeted
  • Details of the transaction, e.g. fundraising (if any)
  • Exit strategy (if any)
  • Traction and stage of the company
  • Competitors and/or similar transactions that you already know of
  • Existing investors

Please don’t send more information than requested: we will not be able to analyse extensive market reports for the scope of this project. For a comprehensive analysis and valuation, please purchase the standard financial plan and valuation in our list of services.

DELIVERY: 2 working days for first-draft delivery (from the submission of information), estimated for 03.07.2022. Reviews & Consulting are not included.



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