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A Feasibility Analysis will include research, expert advice on a specific subject and a certified report.

The purchase of our financial plans is highly recommended for a thorough analysis.


Project Start (with today’s order and payment): 24.09.2023
First Draft Delivery: 26.09.2023
Consulting & Reviews until: 10.10.2023

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The feasibility analysis is not just an add-on to the financial plan, but an integrating part of it, as it provides key research to develop a realistic financial plan, as well as providing valuable strategic consulting, desk research and to-do lists. They can also be used as due diligence analysis.

It can also be purchased without a financial plan, but we recommend purchasing one of our financial plans for higher quality and a good information basis, as well as graphical fit. One feasibility is delivered in a 5-10 pages pdf and includes any relevant calculations connected to the feasibility.

Only one final version only will include Valithea’s Stamp of Approval. The analysis strives to be as neutral as possible, and therefore we cannot always agree to requests of changes, otherwise we cannot include our Stamp of Approval. The pdf cannot be edited but you can use the data with your financial plan and update it as you please. When purchasing multiple analyses, they will all be included in one report.

They will also include the sources of information, as well a commentary on the information basis.

INFORMATION: We will start the project after collecting all relevant information by email and through an initial phone call.

Feasibility Analyses Valithea Advisory

VIEW THE PORTFOLIO for a document sample.

DELIVERY: 3 days for first-draft delivery from the submission of information and after completion of the financial plan, estimated for 26.09.2023, for each feasibility. If you purchase multiple documents the delivery date will add up, so 2 feasibility analyses will be received in 6 days and so on. If purchased together with the financial plan, the feasibility analysis takes 3 extra Days for the Financial Plan delivery (extending its delivery date).

2 Weeks Consulting & Reviews are included until 10.10.2023: after the work for one or multiples feasibilities has finished, you have 2 weeks to ask for changes or consulting calls, independently of how many documents you have purchased. This time cannot be extended for any reason, but you can purchase additional time later.


  • The Foundation Strategy analyses the initial business concept and vision, the strength of the team, the legal aspects of the company’s structure, the company’s resources
  • The Market Size Feasibility (highly recommended) includes Market Sizing using TAM/SAM/SOM, an analysis of market trends and traction
  • The Competition Analysis includes the research of competitors’ features, positioning and recommended strategy
  • The Validation Strategy analyses milestones, problem and solution, and steps to validate market, technology and other business model features
  • The Marketing & Sales Strategy analyses branding, customer acquisition costs, retention strategy and the go-to-market strategy
  • The Pricing Strategy recommends an appropriate pricing for the products or services based on a variety of different analyses of competitors, demand, and recommendations to expand research, profit maximisation, pricing techniques and psychology
  • The Business Model Feasibility includes an analysis of the revenue model, risks, contracts with customers, partners and suppliers, sales metrics and breakeven analysis, value chain and industry analysis as well as potential scenarios and the SWOT analysis
  • The Crisis Resilience Strategy analysis the current situation in the country and business sector and makes recommendations for changes to the strategy and temporary operations in light of the expected crisis
  • The Growth Strategy analyses how to scale efficiently, the type of expansion recommended and how to expand in new markets, the innovation type, quality and strategy
  • The New Market Selection & Entry analyses entry barriers and the most suitable market to enter based on a variety of factors
  • The Operational Analysis recommends how to execute the strategy step-by-step and analyses tools, monitoring and control systems, goal setting, processes, staffing, operational KPIs and risk management
  • The Financials Analysis  includes an in-depth analysis of the 3-statements financials, leverage and KPIs
  • The Financing & Investment Readiness Analysis includes the recommended financing strategy and instrument, an analysis of transactions trends and investment readiness, budgeting, funds available and risks
  • The Fundraising Strategy includes some recommended investors’ profiles, how to approach them, term sheet clauses, the elevator pitch, details of the fundraising and due diligence process
  • The Impact Investment & Sustainability Analysis will determine the prevalent impact investment requirements for companies that want to target this strategy and type of investors, and be classified as an impact investment. Depending on the specific sector, we will analyse the current market trends, impact guidelines, investors’ focus and measures to implement.
  • The Economic Analysis includes an analysis of industry features, the Porter’s 5 Forces analysis, location features, future financing trends
  • The Expansion Strategy analyses your possibilities as a mature company with a vertical vs. horizontal expansion, Solberg’s 9 Strategic Windows, and how to grow internationally: organically or through investments or acquisitions
  • The Exit Strategy includes an analysis of the company’s current state, the potential acquirors, timing, financial and commercial optimisation necessary, the exit approach and risks, value maximisation

You can also purchase a fixed-price Due Diligence Report that includes all the feasibility analyses that are relevant for your situation.

Additionally, we are available to monitor the integration of the advice and measures included in the reports and to train your staff accordingly: this support can be purchased on an hourly basis.


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