Financial Analysis Report


Financial Analysis Report

Choose your financial plan to accompany the document.


Project Start (with today’s order and payment): 22.01.2020
First Draft Delivery: 26.01.2020
Consulting & Reviews until: 09.02.2020

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Select a financial plan to accompany your financial analysis


FEATURES: The Financial Analysis Report is delivered in Power Point and Pdf and it illustrates the assumptions and figures of the financial plan in a comprehensive presentation. The deliverable will be an 15-20 pages long presentation on the company, financials, market assumptions and operational plan, formatted and with analysis suitable for investors, meetings or internal planning and monitoring.

VIEW THE PORTFOLIO for the document sample (excludes the valuation analysis).

The financial analysis report is suitable for those who do not require a Calculation Engagement Report, but rather an internal analysis of the findings of the financial plan.

DELIVERY: 4 days for first-draft delivery from the submission of information, and after the preparation of the financial plan, estimated for 26.01.2020. Reviews & Consulting for 2 Weeks from the First Draft Delivery until 09.02.2020


Financial Analysis Report Valithea Advisory

Additionally, there is the possibility to lock the financial analysis document before submitting it to third parties , and have it Certified by us, by adding a page where our methods are explained. In this case, the financial analysis document, assumptions and figures will be submitted according to our final view and analysis, without the possibility to perform or ask for changes, as we assume the responsibility for its content and therefore it should be subject to our expertise. This enables you to present the figures to investors as having been reviewed by a neutral third-party.

You will still have your separate unlocked version, where you can perform all changes as needed.

One version will be submitted for each Stamp of Approval.

Delivery: 1 Additional Day


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