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Financial projections for companies at all stages


Project Start (with today’s order and payment): 06.06.2020
First Draft Delivery: 18.06.2020
Consulting & Reviews until: 02.07.2020

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The financial plan can be purchased by startup companies with no revenue or past financials, by revenue-generating startups or SMEs.

The financial plan includes:

  • Editable assumptions page
  • Customers development and acquisition costs
  • Detailed revenue model
  • Detailed costs (and inventory flows)
  • Personnel development
  • Investments
  • Integrated financials with P&L, balance sheet and monthly and yearly cash flows (and past financials analysis)
  • Estimate of funds to raise
  • Snapshot, Breakeven analysis, KPIs
  • Template structured for automatic updates with graphs and table for use in reports with changeable brand colours

The financial plan is on a monthly basis (including year-end totals as well) as it is specifically for fast-growing companies in the process of raising funds.

During this time, you can set up consulting calls whenever needed HERE

Valithea’s financial plan was specifically developed for high-risk businesses, from pre-revenue startups to growth-stage companies.
With years of experience and testing on different business models, this financial model was engineered to:

* realistically project market size and penetration with top down approach TAM/SAM/SOM
* test all types of revenue models and easily switch between different scenarios
* display a changeable set of assumptions that entrepreneurs can update independently (training provided)
* measure liquidity
* integrate different feasibility analyses and make strategic decision
* present all necessary figures to investors, with presentation-ready tables and graphs
* link the financials to advanced valuation techniques and risk assessment that are defensible in negotiations.

You will also be taught how to use the model in recorded web calls.

The financial plan includes some research, but detailed research, feasibility and analysis can be purchase with the add-on feasibility analyses.

Advanced Financial Plan Valithea Advisory

VIEW THE PORTFOLIO for the document sample for Startups or for Growth-stage Companies.

INFORMATION: a list of typical information requested is included here . We will start the project with a call to analyse your business model and collect all relevant information. You will then receive a first draft of the project, with possible additional Q&A before delivery. We can review and edit the financial plan as many times as needed until the end of the retainer.

DELIVERY: 12 Days from the submission of information, estimated for 18.06.2020 . Reviews & Consulting for 2 additional Weeks until 02.07.2020.

It includes a 1-page pdf summary of the financial plan.

The project order and delivery will be as follows:

Advanced Financial Plan Valithea Advisory


Advanced Financial Plan Valithea Advisory

Additionally, there is the possibility to lock the excel model before submitting it to third parties, and have it carry our Stamp of Approval, by adding a page where our methods are explained. In this case, the financial model, assumptions and figures will be submitted according to our final view and analysis, without the possibility to perform or ask for changes to this locked version, as we assume the responsibility for its content and therefore it should be subject to our expertise. This enables you to present the figures to investors as having been reviewed by a neutral third-party.

You will still have your separate unlocked version, where you can perform all changes as needed.

One version will be submitted for each Stamp of Approval.

Delivery: 1 Additional Day


** Does not include financial plan services for advanced real estate projects, energy efficiency or power plants development, for complex company structures or transactions, for advanced growth-stage financials with multiple business lines or multiple companies. In this case, select the add-on. **

** The yearly-only financial plan is available by purchasing a customisation add-on (as well as a customisation add-on for some of additional financial plan feasibility analysis ordered), however it is not recommended as it cannot precisely measure liquidity. The year only financial plan is recommended only for exit valuations. **

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