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Financial projections for companies at all stages.

Additional options available for the financial plan, valuation & report.


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First Draft Delivery: 11.12.2023
Consulting & Reviews until: 25.12.2023

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Alternative financial plans

Financial plan savings or add-on premium options

If you prefer having a simpler financial plan, you can eliminate some of the financial analyses or premium services below and save on the total price.


You cannot purchase the Valuation Report without a Valuation

Financial Documents

You can choose multiple documents and receive a 50% discount on every additional document (view the description for important information). These documents can also be purchased later with a separate receipt. All documents are prepared in landscape Power Point, to use another program you can purchase the conversion.

Consulting options

Only available at this price when purchased together with the financial plan. These services start automatically on the completion date of the financial plan revision.

Project Options




The financial plan can be purchased by startup companies with no revenue or past financials, by revenue-generating startups or SMEs.

The financial plan includes:

  • Editable assumptions page
  • Instructions, notes and research sources
  • Customers development and acquisition costs
  • Detailed revenue model
  • Detailed costs (and inventory flows)
  • Personnel development
  • Investments
  • Integrated financials with P&L, balance sheet and monthly and yearly cash flows (incl. past financials analysis)
  • Estimate of funds to raise
  • Template structured for automatic updates with tables for use in reports with changeable brand colours
  • Graphs, Metrics, Breakeven Analysis, KPIs
  • Budgeting
  • Investor Dashboard
  • Both financial plans and documents can be adapted to you brand colors and font (please send the RGB colour codes and the font files)

The financial plan is on a monthly basis (including year-end totals as well), or on a yearly basis if preferred or for SMEs. It is designed specifically for fast-growing companies in the process of raising funds, but it can also be used for exit transactions, liquidity monitoring and internal planning.

During this time, you can set up consulting calls whenever needed HERE

The financial plan includes some research, but in-depth detailed research, feasibility and analysis can be purchase with the add-on feasibility analyses.

Advanced Financial Plan Valithea Advisory

VIEW THE PORTFOLIO for the document sample for Startups or for Growth-stage Companies.

INFORMATION: a list of typical information requested is included here . You can also enter your information here. We will start the project with a call to analyse your business model and collect all relevant information. You will then receive a first draft of the project, with possible additional Q&A before delivery. We can review and edit the financial plan as many times as needed until the end of the retainer.

DELIVERY: 6 Working Days from the submission of information, estimated for 11.12.2023 . Reviews & Consulting for 2 additional Weeks.


Advanced Financial Plan Valithea Advisory

Additionally, there is the possibility to lock the excel model before submitting it to third parties, and have it carry our Stamp of Approval, by adding a page where our methods are explained. In this case, the financial model, assumptions and figures will be submitted according to our final view and analysis, without the possibility to perform or ask for changes to this locked version, as we assume the responsibility for its content and therefore it should be subject to our expertise. This enables you to present the figures to investors as having been reviewed by a neutral third-party.

You will still have your separate unlocked version, where you can perform all changes as needed.

One version will be submitted for each Stamp of Approval.

Delivery: 1 Additional Day


** Does not include financial plan services for advanced real estate projects, energy efficiency or power plants development, for complex company structures or transactions, for advanced growth-stage financials with multiple business lines or multiple companies. In this case, select the add-on. **


Advanced Financial Plan Valithea Advisory


Only available when purchasing our financial plan.

The valuation is carried out by a Certified Valuation Analyst (NACVA/ EACVA) using both intentionally accepted methods, locally accepted methods, and stage-specific adaptation of these methods (including new approaches). Being specialised in early-stage financial transactions, we have developed methods specific to these types of companies and transactions:

  • The growth-stage valuation will include in-depth market analysis and the use of 2-3 recognised valuation approaches and relevant sub-methods (income approach, market approach, cost approach).
  • For startups the valuation will include the risk-adjusted financials and 2 valuation methods among: Discounted cash flow valuation, Market-based valuation and Rule of Thumb methods (exit, VC valuation methods, seed stage methods, replacement method, market approach). It will include ROI, Investment Breakeven and a Valuation summary.

Advanced Financial Plan Valithea Advisory

VIEW THE PORTFOLIO for the document sample.

INFORMATION Request: a list of typical information requested is included here

DELIVERY: 3 additional working days for first-draft delivery (from the submission of information). Reviews & Consulting for 2 Weeks from the First Draft Delivery date.




FEATURES: The valuation report or Calculation Engagement Report will also include a Financial Analysis and is delivered only in pdf. The deliverable will be a 20-25 pages long independent and professional report on the company, financials, transaction and valuation, formatted and with analysis suitable for investors. The report already includes 2 Weeks of reviews & consulting.

Advanced Financial Plan Valithea Advisory

VIEW THE PORTFOLIO for the document sample.

INFORMATION Request: a list of typical information requested is included here

DELIVERY: 5 days for first-draft delivery from the submission of information, and after the preparation of the financial plan and valuation. Reviews & Consulting for 1 Week from the First Draft Delivery date.


Advanced Financial Plan Valithea Advisory


View our portfolio for samples. We have many more examples to illustrate via video call.

We provide a variety of different documents to accompany the financial plan and to present to investors. Only the pitch deck and investment teaser cannot be combined with other documents.

All documents will be prepared in landscape Power Point (only the Investment Teaser will be in vertical format). If you prefer a different format or software, you can purchase the conversion under the financial plan options.

If you require a highly customised document, please purchase the hourly packages instead.

You can choose from the following documents, which have a specified length and structure (+/- 2-3 pages):

  • Pitch Deck
  • Financial Analysis Deck / Mini Business Plan
  • Business Plan
  • Market Feasibility
  • Executive Summary
  • Investment Teaser

DELIVERY: Each document will have a different delivery date. The Revision period will be for 2 Weeks from the First Draft Delivery.


Advanced Financial Plan Valithea Advisory

Advanced Financial Plan Valithea Advisory

409A (Under private request)

For US Companies that are required to comply with IRS 409a regulations. A 409A is an independent appraisal of the fair market value of a private company’s common stock, or the stock reserved for founders and employees. This is required for private companies that wish to issue equity and stock options, unless the company can submit a valuation deemed ‘reasonable’ by the IRS.

The 409a Appraisal Report will include all the sections present in the Calculation Engagement Report, in addition to details related to the engagement, my qualifications (including NACVA), the theory behind the valuation methods used and information related to the allocation of shares.

This will be a Certified Report. Please get in contact to purchase the report.

DELIVERY: 8 days for first-draft delivery from the submission of information

Advanced Financial Plan Valithea Advisory

VALUATION ENGAGEMENT (Under private request)

For high-level transactions, ownership issues and formal acquisitions, or simply when you require a highly detailed valuation for negotiations, you can purchase a Valuation Engagement. It is displayed here for reference, but please get in contact for additional information so that we can analyse the circumstances, as a separate online contract will accompany the engagement in any case. Additional information about the type of valuation reports available can be found here. The valuation will include, in addition to all the financial plan and valuation options displayed above, the following:

  • A detailed beta calculation with raw data and statistical reliability
  • A detailed discount rate calculation on a yearly basis
  • A detailed debt analysis and separate discounting
  • The analysis of all financial statement positions
  • Additional document requests
  • A more detailed market analysis
  • The analysis of tax matters
  • A detailed calculation of the terminal value
  • An extended market approach valuation
  • The display of different income methods options
  • The use of a 3rd valuation method
  • The adjustment of the financials and valuation for the specific transaction
  • The more detailed calculation of synergies (if relevant)
  • The use of locally accepted and prevalent valuation methods
  • A report of 40-50 pages with valuation theory explanations

Please get in contact to purchase the report.


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