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Quick Startup Documents & Preparation for Fundraising with online information submission:

Simple Financial Plan + Add-Ons

Project Start: 27.04.2019
First Draft Delivery: 2 Days from the submission of information, estimated for 29.04.2019
Reviews & Consulting: 1 Week from the delivery date until 06.05.2019

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Financial Add-ons

The excel valuation can only be bought together with a financial plan. The valuation report can only be bought together with a financial plan and excel valuation.


Document add-ons

Fundraising Support


The quick fundraising documents displayed here are suitable for pre-revenue startups (without past financials).

The financial plan includes:

  • Market sizing
  • Customers development and acquisition strategy
  • Detailed revenue model
  • Detailed costs
  • Personnel development
  • Investments
  • P&L and yearly cash flows
  • Estimate of funds to raise
  • Template structured for automatic updates with graphs and tables for use in reports with changeable brand colours

In additional, the advanced financial plan includes monthly financials, the balance sheet and sector-specific metrics and breakeven analysis.

VIEW THE PORTFOLIO for document samples.

The business plan is delivered in a beautiful branded power point landscape format, with disclaimer, contact details and appendix, fully editable and easy to update, and structured for internal and external (investors) use. It is around 30-40 pages long and includes:

  • Gap analysis and detailed operational plan for each chapter, summary, related costs
  • Why, Team, History, Skills and Achievements, Vision, Mission, Milestone, Resources/ Advisors
  • Problem & Solution, Market Opportunity
  • Product Description, Features, R&D, Pricing, Revenue Model, Value Chain
  • Market Overview
  • Competition Analysis and USP
  • Marketing strategy/ funnel/ keep customers/ user metrics (Operational plan: Sales & Website Content)
  • Strategy review
  • Staff & Internal Management, Processes, Company legal background
  • Setting goals & timeline, Risks analysis, risk management, SWOT
  • Financial Analysis (purchase the financial plan separately)
  • KPIs, Metrics Analysis

All documents include 1 Week of free reviews and consulting after delivery. You can extend this period by purchasing additional reviews, consulting calls, asking questions, or by purchasing the premium services.

We also collect investors’ feedback on your investment offering after you purchase documents from us only. We will contact suitable investors and deliver a minimum of 3 opinions on your fundraising documents to help you plan your strategy and fundraising campaign. We do not submit any document not prepared by us internally. To receive this feedback we will contact many investors, who may decide to contact you independently if they have an interest, but this does not involve fundraising services from us (meaning that we will not follow through). We cannot know how long it will take to collect the feedback, but we can estimate 1-2 months, when you will receive a report on the feedback received. We are very skilled at selecting the most suitable investors for any specific company, stage and location, we will only disclose the names of investors who decide to have their name revealed in their feedback.

Alternatively, or in addition to the service above, we can provide you with a list of 75 investors that are specifically suitable to your company, sector, stage ad location, including general contact details and advice on how to approach them, which will enable you to manage your own investors’ approach. The list may include grants or other types of financing suitable to your situation.

As part of the fundraising campaign, we can also distribute a press release written specifically for your campaign with the help of a specialised consultant.

Quick Fundraising Documents & Preparation Valithea Advisory

The order and delivery process is illustrated here:


Quick Fundraising Documents & Preparation Valithea Advisory


The work will involve general market research, feasibility of data submitted, consulting via email and call on your project on delivery. Some Tabs or the Structure of the spreadsheet will be locked, to avoid the commercialisation of the document to third-parties.

Quick Fundraising Documents & Preparation Valithea Advisory

Simply order here by agreeing to the Terms & Conditions or get in contact if you have any questions.

Target: Pre-revenue companies

Information Request: You can submit your project information here

Estimated Delivery:

  • Project Start: 27.04.2019 (Assuming payment is settled and key information is submitted on this day)
  • First Draft Delivery: 2 Days from the submission of information, estimated for 29.04.2019
  • Reviews & Consulting Period: 1 Week from the delivery date until 06.05.2019




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