Growth-stage Financial Plan


Advanced financial projections for companies.

Project Start: 19.01.2019
First Draft Delivery: 7 Days from the submission of information, estimated for 26.01.2019
Reviews & Consulting: 1 month until 18.02.2019

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Investor Documents

Feasibility Analysis Report

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The financial plan can be purchased by growth-stage companies, by selecting the relevant add-on options. The yearly financial plan includes:

  • Past financial and documents analysis
  • Market sizing and strategy analysis
  • Customers development
  • Detailed revenue model
  • Detailed costs
  • Inventory flow
  • Personnel development
  • Investments
  • Integrated financials with P&L, balance sheet and yearly cash flows
  • Estimate of funds to raise
  • Sector-specific metrics and breakeven analysis
  • Template structured for automatic updates with graphs and table for use in reports with changeable brand colours

The work will be delivered in excel and involves desk market research and strategy consulting and updates for the duration of the project.

Additionally, you can select additional financial plan features, valuation, investor documents and feasibility analyses.

The financial analysis document is a short version of a business plan with an extensive analysis of the the financial projections.

The valuation will include the risk-adjusted financials according to 30+ recognised risks, Discounted cash flow valuation, Market-based valuation and stage-relevant methods (exit, VC valuation methods, seed stage methods, replacement method, market-method), Dilution and cap table, Valuation summary and investment highlights.

The valuation report or Calculation Engagement Report will also include a Financial Analysis and is delivered only in pdf. The deliverable will be a 15-25 pages long independent and professional report on the company, financials, transaction and valuation, formatted and with analysis suitable for investors. You can also order only the report, and in this case the valuation will be done separately and not included in the excel delivered (recommended for early-stage startups).

You can additionally order multiple specific Feasibility Analysis from the list below:

  • Market Validation research and analysis
  • Market Sizing and Segmentation
  • Competition and business model differentiation
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Decision-making framework and implementation strategy
  • Country-based legal research and Entry barriers
  • Scenario Analysis and Financial feasibility
  • Metrics Analysis
  • Impact Investment Analysis
  • Financing Strategy and Investors identification
  • Growth Strategy Review
  • Risks analysis
  • Investment and Acquisition Strategy
  • Expansion strategy and Company structure
  • Value Maximisation

Simply order here by agreeing to the Terms & Conditions or get in contact if you have any questions. The project can start immediately, and if you have a deadline, please view the delivery schedule and choose an earlier delivery.

Process: I will ask you for initial information or documents about the business, followed by a call to exchange ideas and data about future planning and strategy. Afterwards I can work independently on the project, asking you questions via email. We can then review the materials over a couple of calls at each milestone for the project duration.

Target: Companies generating revenue or Projects

Estimated Delivery: 7 Days from the submission of information and the initial call.

Reviews and Consulting Period: 1 month from the Day of Purchase. Every add-on purchased extends the review period by their respective delivery days.

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