Investment Readiness Training + Templates


Investment readiness course + investor documents templates.

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1-on-1 consulting and document review

1 consulting calls & 2 document reviews



The program can be conducted online and includes 6 Conference Calls of the duration of about 45 minutes. It is also ideal as an add-on to any accelerator participant.

All participants will be able to:

  • Join the 6 scheduled calls
  • View the lecture slides online for 3 months
  • Receive templates to create your own investment proposal
  • Be awarded a Completion Certificate.

The program will involve assignments, therefore the best outcome is guaranteed when ensuring you complete all exercises in-between lessons. The training will include:

  1. Introduction to the Financing Strategy, the investment market, instruments and shareholder issues (Output: Your Financing Strategy)
  2. Telling a story with numbers (Output: Elevator Pitch)
  3. Customers and Market Validation (Output: Validation Plan)
  4. Financials: Customers, Revenue and Marketing (Output: Market Size)
  5. Financials: Costs and Cash Flow (Output: Simple Financial Plan)
  6. Exit Strategy and Value (Output: Executive Summary)
  7. Startup Valuation (Output: Valuation Estimate)
  8. Communication of financial figures (Output: Pitch Deck)
  9. Finding & Approaching Investors (Output: Long List of Investors, approach strategy and online presence)
  10. Creating the Business Plan (Output: Business plan)
  11. Negotiations (Output: Term Sheet typical clauses)

The document templates you will receive are: Executive Summary, Simple Financial Plan, Valuation Estimate, Pitch Deck, Business Plan.

After purchase, we will get in contact to schedule the course calls.

Target: Pre-revenue startups or early-stage investors.

Duration of service: 3 months from the Day of Purchase.

Requirements: Availability and scheduling of calls during the Duration of Service, Preparation to do the necessary work, Familiarity with Excel and Power Point.