Investment Teaser


Investment Teaser

Choose your financial plan to accompany the executive summary if you do not have one.


Project Start (with today’s order and payment): 22.01.2020
First Draft Delivery: 25.01.2020
Reviews until: 09.02.2020

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Select a financial plan to accompany your investment teaser (optional)


FEATURES: The investment teaser is 3-4 pages long, in vertical Power Point format, with graphs and adaptable brand colours. It can be used by startups in place of the executive summary or pitch deck, at events or meetings in printed format, or it is suitable for growth-stage and mature companies.

INFORMATION: We will start the project with a call to analyse your business model and collect all relevant information (or after purchasing, you can enter all your information here: Investment Teaser). You will then receive a first draft of the project, with possible additional Q&A before delivery. We can review and edit the investment teaser as many times as needed until the end of the retainer period.

The financials graphs can include your own financials or your can purchase a financial plan here.

Investment Teaser Valithea AdvisoryView the portfolio examples here.

DELIVERY: 3 additional Days for first-draft delivery from the submission of information, estimated for 25.01.2020. Reviews for 2 Weeks from the First Draft Delivery until 09.02.2020


The project order and delivery will be as follows:

Investment Teaser Valithea Advisory


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