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1 week of unlimited consulting, document reviews & updates.

Service Period: 1 week from the Day of Purchase.

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Extend any current or recent project by 1 week after the free consulting & review is concluded.

Includes: unlimited phone and email consulting and/or updates to 1 (or maximum 2) documents delivered by Valithea in the previous 12 months, due diligence support.

Also suitable for any extended capital raising consulting and due diligence support, general valuation consulting, review (only consulting, without editing) of investment-ready documents.

Please prepare a list of anything you want to edit at the beginning of the week. If you want to book a consulting call, simply use the Calendly link, or write an email directly about the financial issues that you want explained. You are responsible to asking for the changes you need and for the information you want during this period of time.

*Excludes the preparation of NEW documents, or editing of document not prepared by us.

*If your document was last updated by us longer than 12 months ago, you can only purchase the update of 1 document per week.

*A financial plan, a valuation report, a business plan, a pitch deck all count as separate documents, meaning that you can purchase a maximum of 2 of these to change within a given week, or 1 per week if older than 12 months.

Service Period: 1 week from the Day of Purchase (cannot be postponed, paused or extended)