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Update documents previously delivered & get unlimited consulting for the period of time selected.

FEATURES: Extend any current or recent project by 1 Day/ 3 Days/ 1 Week/ 2 Weeks after the free consulting & review is concluded. Includes: updated to document(s) previously prepared by Valithea, unlimited phone and email consulting and/or updates to documents delivered by Valithea, as well as due diligence support, key figures monitoring, fundraising advice for the duration of the service. You cannot extend the retainer period, you can only buy a new retainer if you have not selected the correct period, because they way we carry out the work is more intense in short retainers vs. long retainers.

Please prepare a list of anything you want to edit in advance and send it to us before the project start. If you want to book a consulting call, simply use this link whenever you need, or write an email directly about the financial issues that you want explained. You are responsible for asking for all the changes you need and for the information you want during this period of time. Please make sure you are available during the selected period of time, and let us know the date when you want to start.

During the retainer period there is a maximum of 1 call per day. Same-day deadlines are not allowed, only 24+ hours deadlines are accepted.

All calls and requests for changes need to take place during the selected period of time, which starts from the moment we send you a confirmation email of the order being received and paid. If you require complex changes that need to be tried, tested, analysed and reviewed multiple times, please choose the 2-Weeks retainer (the 1-Day retainer will include only one set of changes, select more than 1 Day if you want to have multiple reviews).

*Excludes the preparation of NEW documents, add-ons to existing documents, the preparation of NEW analyses or editing of documents not prepared by us. Any additional analysis can be purchased with the add-on.

INFORMATION Request, if you prefer online submission to a call or email: You can also submit your project information here

EXTENSION: 1 Day (24 hours)/ 3 Days/ 1 Week/ 2 Weeks from the Day of Purchase (cannot be postponed, paused or extended)