2. December 2020

Blog Toolbox

The following posts build a growing library of know-how and practical tools from our blog, ordered thematically: instructions, calculators and document downloads or service links for all available topics are listed below.

(Beta version: until the final calculators are released, the data saved may be cleared from time to time)

Many more are coming soon!



Foundation Strategy
Funding Decision
Strategy for Funding

Financial Plan

Strategy Basis
Market Sizing
Customer Acquisition Costs
Revenue Projections: Sale of Products and Services
Revenue Projections: Subscription Fees and monthly charges
Revenue Projections: Transaction, Licence and Advertising Fees


Startup vs Classic Valuation
Basic Startup Value
Valuation Reports
Valithea Method ™ – Early-stage Value Calculator
Valuation Estimate without a financial plan


Funding by Stage
Funding Options
Funding Documents