17. December 2019


This business model was chosen specifically for startups and growth-stage businesses to combine best-in-class methods and easy delivery of documents for the fundraising process, because:

    • The fundraising process in the early stages is based on a personal approach and relationship with the investor, and therefore an advisor cannot manage the entire process
    • The fundraising success at this stage depends 90% on the founders – we work on facilitating the process as much as possible and ensure that there are realistic expectations
    • Most early-stages rounds of funding are too small to support a large advisor fee, and therefore we optimised this process to enable a fee of 1%
    • Approaching investors asking for feedback can generate a better conversation that simply asking for money
    • We still believe in providing the best quality as it is one of the investment markets with the highest risks
    • Most investors have different requirements regarding a personal versus technical approach, so we offer strategic input in our technical work as well, which offers quality in both circumstances
    • We are committed to raising the quality standards of startup investment selection on both sides of the negotiating table
    • The failure rate of startups comes in great part from the lack of market-fit, so we advise entrepreneurs on how best to validate their market, which saves plenty of time on validation, as well as considerably reducing mistakes
    • We try to save the time wasted searching for startup fundraising information sources, by providing a complete approach to fundraising from start to finish
    • We provide you with the tools to take up the time-consuming tasks in your company development, backed by expertise, while we take up the most difficult financial tasks
    • Clients can pay only for the services used, as we split our service in small parts that you can select depending on your needs
    • Time-based retainers ensure that also the client makes timely strategic decision during our project
    • All documents and spreadsheets are easily integrated and consistent – most business plans that early-stage companies produce are disconnected from their financials, especially when this work is outsourced to different consultants
    • Realistic financials are a rare sight for early-stage companies, and therefore investors have learnt not to trust projections – we work on changing this, by keeping projections positive and fit for VCs but realistic and defensible in negotiations
    • Additionally, we apply a consistent standard in the quality of our financials
    • Most financial plans are also not used for operations and liquidity planning, whereas we developed documents that can contribute to operations and strategy as well
    • Automated documents and software do not help much, as for projecting growth and valuing a company, as well as explaining the assumptions, expertise is required
    • Startup valuation expertise is missing on the market – instead, we researched and tested these methods extensively, and can now provide insight and value planning for startups and investors as well.