28. December 2018
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Growth-stage Financial Plan

The growth-stage financial plan is suitable for all businesses that have past financials to analyse, and a more predictable growth than seed stage startups. The yearly projections are calculated through an integrated financial plan. The financial plan works with a set of assumptions on the side of the financial plan, meaning that the spreadsheet can be updated anytime without changing any of the formulas in the projections.

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Project Financial Plan

Example of a customer financial plan for a leisure development project.

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Growth-stage Valuation

The excel valuation here illustrates the basic steps to the calculation of value for a small early-stage growing business, including:
– the calculation of the discount rate (in this case an alternative approach to CSRP calculation is used)
– the Discounted Cash Flows (in this case the Net Equity Method is used instead of the WACC, which in the absence of debt results in the same value)
– the Market Approach, which in this case includes mostly exits
– The Valuation Summary

Depending on the circumstances and characteristics of the company and transaction, the Cost method can also be used, and different versions of the Income and Market Approach can apply.

Additionally some transaction-specific features, such as the calculation of synergies, sometimes are added. Additionally, the Valuation Engagement would include more advanced methods to calculate the discount rate and the terminal value, among other features.

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Valuation Report (Calculation Engagement Report)

The Calculation Engagement Report here is just a template with no text, as the analysis is very company-specific and includes in-depth analysis of the figures presented. The report is brief (around 20 pages): for a full explanation of all methods used and of valuation theory, the Valuation Engagement Report (40-50 pages) is recommended for acquisitions and similar transactions. The Calculation Engagement Report details how the valuation was carried out and what standards were used, the highlights of the investment, the main assumptions at the basis of the financial projections, the risk assessment, the market approach, DCF, additional stage-specific valuation methods and the valuation summary.

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Pitch Deck

Purchase the Pitch Deck here The images below are templates: every pitch deck is adapted to the company’s brand and with relevant stock images to complement the pitch deck. The presentations are short, clear and simple, suitable for a presentation or email introduction.  

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Business Plan

Excerpts of a business plan template

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Startup Advanced Financial Plan

Purchase the Financial Plan here The financial plan for startups is usually planned on a monthly basis, as measuring liquidity is important to correctly measure the amount of funding to raise, as well as to observe the changes in strategy closely and how they affect financials. This is recommended for companies that aim to raise[…]

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Executive Summary

Purchase the Executive Summary here

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Investment Teaser

3 versions of an investment teaser. Many more variations are possible.