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Dedicated Web Page for Hours Tracking

Valid for this and all future packages for a period of two years



The HOURLY PACKAGES can be used on any agreed project: financial plans, document updates, creation of investor-ready documents, revisions of third-party documents, general consulting, due diligence support and custom projects. The hours do not expire and can be used anytime.

I will do the work as indicated and agreed in the most efficient time possible, warning about tasks that may take longer before starting. You are responsible for managing the hours efficiently.


The counting of hours will include any communication that takes place during the project, as well as communication that takes place for the sale of a new package when the hours run out: these will be counted in the new package purchased and subtracted from the hours wallet.

Hours used are usually counted in 15 minutes intervals. Communication and requests for faster deadlines are counted as follows:

  • Min. 1/8 of an hour for answering an email or communication request between 1-2 working days (the usual delivery time)
  • Min. 1/4 of and hour for answering an urgent email or communication request within 24 hours (only when urgency is expressed in the email)
  • Min. 1/4 of and hour as calls preparation time
  • 1 hour for an urgent work request, for every earlier delivery day requested that requires more than 3 hours per day of work on a single project. Deadlines can be set for a minimum of 24 hours. This charge may also be applied in the case when, after a period of inactivity of at least 10 days (before this period you already have priority), you request priority for your project when another project has taken priority.
  • In case a task is extremely urgent and must be delivered within 24 hours of request, we will double to the hours used on the project during those 24 hours. We will ask for confirmation before carrying out the task.
  • Additionally, if you cannot attend one of the calls you booked, please cancel these no later than 2 hours in advanced. For calls that were not canceled at least 2 hours in advance, we will record 1/2 hour of used time due to the preparation time used.


You can choose the following options as add-ons to the service:

  • We can create an anonymous client page where all hours and tasks are listed. After buying this add-on, the time to record these hours will not be taken off your hour wallet for this and future packages for a period of 2 years. A new charge will only be applied if you request a clean-up and update of the page. The remaining time in you wallet will then be always displayed on the page and can be accessed anytime. The recording of hours on the page will usually take place within 24 hours of the hours being used.
  • We can also track the hours through a software only if you notify us in advance when you purchase the package, that you want the hours tracked with this method: otherwise we will track the hours manually. Communication tasks, however, and the fast-track service add-ons will be added manually in any case.



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